.: Be Current Like Love

This book is about effective commination with others based on educational aspects of the Holy Koran. The writer believes the world without love has no meaning and everything evolves in light of this divine gift (Love). Life finds meaning when human knows how to communicate with others’ heart but this necessitates  to have a kind heart and fine spirit to be achieved by knowing oneself and God and obeying God. By virtue of the Hadiths when someone shakes another one’s hand for the sake of God the God also shakes their hand and  how beautiful and stable is such friendship.
The book includes sixteen chapters and each chapter includes precise points in relation to effective mechanisms  to communicate with others and the reader would know all knowhow of a dynamic and sound relation.

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وب سایت استاد محمد حسین رستگار وب سایت استاد محمد حسین رستگار

وب سایت استاد محمد حسین رستگار

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 وب سایت استاد محمد حسین رستگار

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