.: The Secret of Serving God

The secret of serving God is hidden in the methods of it and purifying spirit. This book is a guide for the followers of divine way to gain the high position of  serving God.
Mohammad Hossein  Rastgar indicates the way to reach God by mentioning the verses of the Koran and emphasizes that  serving  God honestly is the solution and writes, “The seeker of the true way is guided by God when he (she) really falls in love with God and if he (she) loves God more, God illuminates his (her) heart more to know Him better and as much as he (she) serves God better he (she) would benefit from God’s light more”.

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وب سایت استاد محمد حسین رستگار وب سایت استاد محمد حسین رستگار

وب سایت استاد محمد حسین رستگار

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 وب سایت استاد محمد حسین رستگار

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