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The researcher has compiles a permanent and precious work  for the readers to familiarize them with the secrets and knowhow of tourism and show trips interesting and wonderful for tourists. The compiler presents the necessary data and techniques for trip to the tourists from everywhere and creates the background for a pleasurable and satisfactory trip. The book includes: Iran Tours Guide, provinces of Iran and visiting places, types of trips, how to trip, security in trip, customs regulations, trip poems and proverbs,traveler’s religious duties, trip rules, hotels and guest houses, internet sites for tourists and reserving ticket for airplane, train and bus and many other points necessary for trip and traveler.
The Trip Encyclopedia has been published  in 23 by 16.50 square centimeter with excellent hardcoverin 452 pages with best quality paper and nice illustrations showing visiting places and roads of Iran.

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وب سایت استاد محمد حسین رستگار وب سایت استاد محمد حسین رستگار

وب سایت استاد محمد حسین رستگار

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 وب سایت استاد محمد حسین رستگار

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