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Mohammad Hossein  Rastgar was born in a noble and religious  family in Shiraz in  1952. When he was young he was so fond of God that he became student of  the martyr Ayatollah  Dastgheib; he learned Islamic culture and theological  knowledgeby him; then he went to  Ayatollah Nejabat classes and until the death of the latter he had been his student.

He wrote the first wall newspaper with beautiful design, jokes and folklore at school because he was too interested in religion and culture. He began to learn foreign languages due to his interest in learning and communicating with everybody; he learned grammar and syntax by his teachers, German in Goethe  Institute and English in Iran and America Society.

Having finished high school in Shiraz he became student of B. A. in English of Beheshti University in Tehran and  graduated with grade excellent so the university gave him scholarship to continue his study in Germany and Sweden.

He taught several years and continued his study in M. A. in Shiraz University. 

He served people and pilgrims in the mausoleums of Ahmad Ibn  Moossa (Shahcheragh .Peace Be Upon Him) and Mohammad Ibn Moossa (Peace Be Upon Him) for more than twenty  years. He has compiled several books about honourable children of Imam Moossa Kazem (Peace Be Upon Him) and other Imams’ children in Shiraz such as Bargah Noor (Palace of Light), Fans of Ahlebeit (The Household of Prophet of Islam), His Holiness Astaneh Seyed Alaedin Hossein, Story of Kindness, Holy Places And Mausoleums In Shiraz, etc. 

Another book of him is Shiraz, City of Love indicating his love to Shirazian, their hospitality and interest in their home; this book introduces in detail in 23 chapters the history, morals and customs of Shirazians, great personages, mausoleums and visiting places of Shiraz. Another book of him is ‘Shiraz, City Of Love’ familiarizing the reader with historical monuments of Shiraz in a  way that  having read this book the reader would not need to read another book in this regard.

The great theosophist, professor Karim Mahmood Haghighi stated about him, “Mr. Mohammad Hossein  Rastgar is my intimate and long standing friend; he has always listened to the young and encouraged them and attended in the classes of great theosophist Ayatollah Nejabat and Ayatollah Dastgheib to learn enough Islamic cultures and then married Ayatollah Mohammad Mahdi Dastgheib’s daughter due to the familiarization. He wrote several books about Islamic cultures during leisure time such as ‘The Way of Tavern’, ‘The Secret of Worship In Mysticism’, ‘Be Current Like Love ’, ‘Mechanisms To Communicate With Others’ and ‘Rose Garden Of Knowledge’ about the skills of life based on the Koran”.

Professor Rastgar showed his lone in their country Islamic Iran by compiling the Encyclopedia Of Travel; this book includes comprehensive data about Iran, the provinces and kind people. Negah Panjshanbeh (Literary department of Khabar newspaper) wrote:

 “In Shiraz, the cradle of civilization and culture of Iran great personages live who are the symbol of historical, religious and cultural potentials of the state and have compiled different encyclopedias and books; one of them is  Mr.Mohammad Hossein  Rastgar who has tried seriously and compiled cordially, sincerely and patiently in this regard; hereby we appreciate him and it is hoped to pay more attention to such pious and devout talented personages; his books indicate both his great knowledge and good faith”.

The professor Rastgargained first place in Shiraz Aftab Seven Arts Congress in Fars, received letter of commendation from Fars culture and art festival, letter of commendation and special statue from in the festival take place by Ministry of culture and Islamic guidance,letter of commendation in the innovation and flowering festival, letter of commendation in state festival of Imam Reza (Peace Be Upon Him) and Peace Be Upon Him from Fars Knowledge Foundation.He has served too much in field of theatre specially regarding social, cultural and religious learning, too and has received a letter of commendation in field of theatre.He has been interested in sportsince his youth and has passed his leisure time in track and field and football in a way that he has been encouraging people specially the young  to exercise and maintain their health. He has studies local culture and folklore in a new way with noble Islamic attitude and presented scientific mechanisms to know real theosophy and Islam and effective skills for life based on the Koran and precious Iran culture and art so he has been registered as a famous man of letters.

وب سایت استاد محمد حسین رستگار وب سایت استاد محمد حسین رستگار

وب سایت استاد محمد حسین رستگار

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 وب سایت استاد محمد حسین رستگار

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